Technology - Business - Law
ColterJennings is a boutique law firm specializing in technology law. We provide a full range of intellectual property, licensing, and business-law services for small and medium technology companies, with a strong focus on the software industry. Our combination of large law-firm and in-house experience gives the ability to focus on your real-world technology and business concerns as we address legal issues. Harrison Colter and Ken Jennings have each served as General Counsel of publicly traded technology companies, have held senior positions at leading software companies -- including Oracle and Novell -- and have provided services as outside counsel to dozens of Fortune 500 firms. Now in practice in Lindon, Utah, in the heart of Utah's "little silicon valley," and near Redmond, Washington, ColterJennings provides the commitment and personalized attention that small and medium technology companies demand, backed up by global experience. We understand your technology, your business, and the law.

Expertise + Experience
ColterJennings represents a broad range of technology companies requiring expertise in the computer field ranging from chips to systems -- plus biotechnology, optical instruments, chemical and industrial processes, and other technologies. We have assisted clients in filing patents ranging from complex internet and ecommerce systems and wireless communications systems, to ergonimic furniture design and sporting goods. Our firm handles trademark issues ranging from filing trademarks and service marks to such esoteric areas as linguistic analysis of the audible elements of a trademark. In-house experience with major companies provides ample background in business organizations, internal policies and controls, facilities, human resources, litigation management, and virtually every other legal issue faced by a growing enterprise. All members of our firm have significant experience in international business transactions -- with an Asian emphasis -- totalling over 20 years of overseas experience. The firm also devotes significant pro-bono services to local organizations.

Global Experience . . . Local Economics
Worldwide experience representing major US and international corporations coupled with the lower cost of doing business in the Intermountain West and suburban Washington allows us to provide our clients with distinct advantages: the level of expertise and experience you expect from a senior attorneys in major urban centers, the personalized attention of a small firm, and the economic advantages of a suburban cost center. We call it: Global Experience -- Local Economics.

Last Updated: 2012-10-01